Time Line

We design distinctive brand domains that trigger. Since 2006.

2020 - Launch BCC Kitchen

We won the national pitch for the new nationwide formula of one of the Netherlands’ most famous household appliance chains: BCC. We implemented a brand new kitchen department and came up with its name as well as designing the new logo, branding, instore communication and the instore visual concept for BCC Kitchen. The light open showroom offers a clear view of the rest of the store, so there is always a clear association with the appliances. In de BCC Kitchen department seven style kitchens can be found, specially developed for BCC, of which five are available in two different options. Each style kitchen is characterised by an individual use of colour and materials, striking floor and open grid ceiling.

2020 - USA retail branding

We love America and regularly go there to gather inspiration in the arena of retail and hospitality design. Our second American project was the retail branding voor Sweets USA. Sweet USA sell the most popular Dutch sweets under the name Sweet Pick & Mix’ from their sweet kiosks in American Mega Malls in more than 25 American cities. We designed their contemporary new branding, packaging and various communication tools.

2019 - Mobility Market for Bihr in Barcelona

From 2019 to 2020 we carried out our first project in Barcelona (Hospitalet de Llobregat). In a former factory, converted into a contemporary multi-functional building, Bihr opened a new showroom for the state of the art brands in their portfolio, as well as a service office with a canteen. Our design for the new showroom consisted of six distinct brand spaces for the motorhelmet collections of Bell and Arai, the motorcycle clothing of RST and Answer, the glasses and goggles of Oakley and all the bags of Ogio. Each space was given an individual character and branding, featuring the beautiful industrial details of the old factory which we equipped with specially designed racks and displays. We created unity within this diversity by co-ordinating visuals, styling, colours and materials. All the spaces are connected by an impressive wide industrial corridor ending in a canteen and office. This brings the showroom together; a market place for various brands by Bihr. As a result of our good working relationship, we continue to help Bihr in 2021 with brand concept design, brand design and brand strategy for their private range of brands. 

2019 - Miele chooses Studiomfd

The Dutch branch of the German producer of household and professional appliances asked for our help with various projects. We designed the Miele Laundry Boutique, a sustainable laundrette located in student- and starter residences, as an end-to-end concept including communication as well as branding and then managed its roll-out throughout the country. As a family business, Miele has been developing and marketing washing machines since 1901 and decades ago they had their own chain of laundrettes in the Netherlands. They recently made a comeback with their own Miele Laundry Boutiques in student residences throughout the Netherlands. Studiomfd designed the trendy interior and the crystal clearcommunication of the new Miele Laundry Boutique for their young target group in a fresh, new Miele style. The second project involved a range of displays for Miele kitchen appliances, placed in the kitchen showrooms of various premium partners.

2019 - Whirlpool Europe 

Whirlpool Europe asked us to design the new showroom for the Whirlpool, Bauknecht, Kitchen Aid and Indesit brands. The series of cooking islands we placed are regularly used for preparing tasty dishes. Above them specially designed islands containing extraction fans were hung and the remaining space was filled with accessories and plants. We also designed a green middle zone where guests can meet up to enjoy the dishes. This space is also often used for internal meetings. The showroom has become such a dynamic room, where besides viewing and using the kitchen appliances, food and personal encounters can be experienced in full.

2018 - USA retail concept The Cocoa Shop

In 2018 we took on our very first project for a retail concept in the US. The Cocoa Shop carries traditional Dutch and international chocolate products such as chocolate marshmallow kisses and confectionery. The first store, located in Fox River Mall in Appleton Wisconsin, was a try-out for four months. The store’s look & feel is warm, inviting and with a subtle colour scheme. The branding and signing looks authentic, adventurous and wondrous with the aim of inviting customers in for the ultimate chocolate experience. It goes without saying that we are still very proud of this trans-Atlantic project. This was an amazing opportunity for us to design stores in the ‘Retail Mecca’ of America. The Cacao Shop will soon be extended with a permanent new shop and an online webshop.

2018 - Total Brand Design for Palmer

Palmer Table Wear responds to current food trends with a very extensive, individual and trendy collection. In their unique style, they lay the most exquisitely abundant tables. In restaurants, at home, at (food-) festivals and in the garden. Palmer celebrates life luxuriously on the table, with a beautiful collection characterised by an abundance of colours, styles, materials and structures. We advised Palmer’s marketing team on their branding, strategy and retail design. Together we created a whole new branding; colourful, avant-garde, adventurous, international, surprising, stylish, distinctive, creative and decorative. We developed a striking photography concept where ingredients from different international dishes were placed around various items from their tablewear collection. These key visuals are reflected in Palmer’s colourful retail displays which we designed and tailored to their needs. Lastly we devised their new payoff strategy, powerfully expressing their passion for both food and their target audience: Palmer - For lovers of food.

2018 – Tribute to renowned DJs from Breda

‘Parel van het Zuiden Breda’ has produced a lot of internationally renowned DJs. The whole world dances to the tracks of DJs like Tiësto, Hardwell, R3hab and Dannic. Before Tiësto became world-famous, he (Tijs Verwest) played at house parties hosted by our friends. We continued to follow him in the subsequent years: from his breakthrough at Innercity in the RAI to being chosen as number 1 DJ world-wide by ‘DJ mag top 100’ and further till his solo shows in the Gelredome and his fantastistic performance at the Olympic Games. His triumph inspired other local DJ’s to the point that another DJ from the Nassau town was chosen as best DJ in the world: Hardwell. To honour their heroic deeds, as well as those of many other DJ’s from Breda, we devised and financed the DJ City Breda Pop-up store in the city centre. We designed and built the store ourselves, seeking support from the DJ’s managment as well as a range of brands, and we bought and sold all the merchandise, bags and accessories in the store ourselves. A learning experience we would not have missed for the world and which has proven valuable for the various retail projects we undertake to this day. The major eye catcher of the store was the wall of fame citing the names of all well-known DJ’s from Breda.

2017 - Brand Act for Gusta 

Celebrate the day! This motto is used by international lifestyle brand Gusta to make every moment special. Daily breaks when you leave behind your hectic life to enjoy your favourite cup of coffee, warm cup of tea, tasty meal, fresh smoothie or to hide away with a good glass of wine. Gusta is happy to celebrate your moments of joy with you! We designed the brand office with a gigantic showroom in Breda for this lifestyle brand. Office, restaurant and showroom flow seamlessly into one another, giving the interior its progressive personality. The multi-functional office building is perfectly in line with our Brand Act vision where offices, showrooms and hospitality are transformed into brand spaces suitable for receiving, inspiring, informing and convincing consumers and clients.

2017 - Betraying Driscoll’s pure fruit magic

We love food, food brands and related brands and activities, so when Driscolls contacted us about the design of a shop in shop Berry Booth, we were enthusiastic. Driscolls believe their berries make life fresh and fun, bringing happiness at any given moment and making things lighter, brighter and considerably tastier. Driscolls say their blissful berries taste best when shared. Such moments of joy touch the lives of people all over the world. This is how Driscolls give back to communities and stimulate togetherness. The Berry Booth has a country-style look with a bright festival’ vibe, ideal for sharing their delicacies on shop- and exhibition- floors. Three different booths have travelled round to various supermarkets, food halls and food festivals throughout Europe.

2016 – Green fingers for Albert Heijn

For the largest supermaket chain in the Netherlands, Albert Heijn, we devised and designed the pick-your-own herb garden, the first in store farming project in the Netherlands. In the pick-your-own herb garden, customers can pick their choice of herbs in a mini greenhouse where the herbs are cultivated for the last weeks of their growth process. The project received impressive attention from the national and international press. The week it was launched, our inbox flowed over and the telephone was red hot. We were even interviewed by RTL Nieuws. Our photos of the herb garden are the most popular pins we have on Pinterest by far, with more than 50.000 views.

2015 – Holland's new living room

One of Radio 538 DJs commissioned us to design the new live on-air studio of the most popular radio station in the Netherlands. A fun challenge, even more so because the design had to be approved by leading figures such as John de Mol, Edwin Evers and Ruud de Wild. Fortunately our design was unanimously approved by all of them. The studio still exists to this day (2021), a mini-model of it having been given by John de Mol to Edwin Evers as a leaving present in 2018. We have been invited to experience his morning programme live a few times and were doubled over with laughter at the bar in the studio. We enjoyed other highlights live online, including the studio gig of Armin van Buuren.

2013 – Roof off, ring on, our Kuip!

In the summer of 2013, we joined the discussion about the Rotterdam Kuip, putting forward our unique vision and design. The Kuip was equipped with a new ring while keeping its original industrial character that featured steel with concrete and was able to remain on its sacred ground. Our design honoured the old Kuip with a new ring floating above the stadium as a halo, letting in the surrounding cityscape. This new construction, including the stadium lighting, was divided into twelve parts symbolising the legion and all the fans, the twelfth man on the field. We are very impressed by the current design by Rem Koolhaas, which reflects the same characteristics and we can’t wait to see the first stakes driven into the ground.

2012 - Opening of Old Amsterdam’s first cheese shop on the Dam

Old Amsterdam wanted to experiment with a temporary cheese shop in the centre of Amsterdam. They found a suitable place in the centre itself, on the Dam looking out onto the monument. This shop became very popular with tourists in particular and photos of it were shared often on social media. We designed the counter and cabinets using antique wood, symbolic of the delicious old cheese’s maturity, and rows of authentic cheese boards laden with cheeses were hung up high in the shop with special lighting. At a later stage, the shop moved to a permanent location on the Damrak, and we designed more shops for the Singel and Damstraat. Styling the tasting room above the shop on the Damrak followed, as well as designs for shopping displays (300 units), a website and various promotional materials.

2012 – National shop in shop retail voor Douwe Egberts

Holland’s very own coffee brand, Douwe Egberts, wrote a nationwide pitch for a supermarket shop in shop demo design, which we won together with Young Perfect. This design, which was chosen unanimously by the jury, was produced in twenty different versions which were rotated through a range of Albert Heijn XL stores. Our first A-brand retail project nationwide for a large retailer had seen the light of day. The design made it into the national press several times and the photos were viewed thousands of times on the image bank Pinterest. To this day, this design holds the second place of our most popular pins ever. 

2012 - Projects in the Caribbean  

Since 2007 we have carried out various projects on the Dutch Antilles in collaboration with Brakel Interieurgroep, including various locations for various banks: Banco Di Caribe, Mees Pierson, Aruba Bank as well as Sint Maarten’s airport, Princess Juliana International Airport. In 2012, together with Brakel, we won the pitch for the design of telecom company UTS’ new head office interior on Curaçao, soon to be followed by another project for them on Sint Maarten. Monthly flights to the tropical hemisphere were par for the course during that period. Considering all our previous business trips there, it was not surprising we came to feel at home, but the excitement about executing projects more than 7800 km from home never faded.

2012 – On tour with Waylon

In 2012, Waylon’s management and his record company at the time, Universal Music, asked us to design his logo for the Eurovision Song Contest where he competed together with Ilse de Lange. In order to familiarise ourselves with his music style, artistic life and personality, we toured with Waylon and his band for a year, visiting a wealth of theatres and concert venues throughout the Netherlands. We followed him around everywhere, sitting backstage, in the changing rooms and all alone on the first row during rehearsals. We joined meetings he had with his management and sat in the audience during his appearance in the television programme ‘De Wereld draait door’. Waylon is a fantastic and very talented singer. The time he sang live behind a Steinway backstage is just one of the moments we will never forget. We designed an iconic logo to suit Waylon’s typical music style, which he used for a few years. We gave him this logo in glossy black perspex on an aluminium platform. Years later, it was great to see the exact same logo again as part of the decor of ‘The Voice of Holland 2020-2021’, the television programme where Waylon was one of the four coaches.

2011 - Retailing REV’IT!

We advised the motorcycle clothing brand REVIT! about their strategy, 3D branding and story-telling and developed a retail concept for their shop in shops and showroom. REV’IT! are completely self-contained in terms of designing and developing their clothing to the last detail, including the materials and the protective elements used. Their innovative and fashionable clothing has shaken up the Dutch and international clothing industry considerably. All with the aim of making riding your bike as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for all motocyclists. The brand strives to be and to remain a leading player in their field with respect to product innovation and design. Their mission is for all their components to be state of the art and as a brand they stand for thorough testing and honest information about the safety and durability of their products. REVIT!’s in-house R&D centre plays a crucial role and was recently given a sizeable extension- the REVIT! Racing Technology Center Truck on the MotoGP for which we came up with a special design inside and out.

2011 - Two years in Limburg

During several co-creation sessions with Fresh Forward and Wonen Limburg, we developed an innovative office. As a consequence, the largest housing association of the southern province asked us to translate the concept to their new headquarters and seven regional housing shops. For two years, we spent several days a week working on our largest project to date. From Venray, Weert and Roermond to Horst, Panningen, Heerlen and Sittard. We explored Limburg’s culture and designed a kitchen/dining room for each housing shop, a very large one for the headoffice and a mini version on every floor. These were done in the colours of various traditional dishes from the Limburg region, each counter carrying a text in their regional dialect.

2010 - Concept & Strategy ING entrepreneur café

The ING Group asked for our assistance in developing the concept & strategy for the ING entrepreneur café. The purpose of the café was for ING to support and coach entrepreneurs in their activities and business operations. During several co-creation sessions together with ING, we shaped this challenging project. We began by selecting the ING service and product offering and the various activites for entrepreneurs in the café. Then we designed the whole café interior and captured this together with the production process in a concept book. 

2010 - Pop-up store première op de Overtoom

This pop-up store at the start of the Overtoom in Amsterdam was our second retail project and the first pop-up store design. Clothing, shoes and accessoires for brands like Fiat, Gant, Universal Music, Fudge, Green Paperboys and Philips Lighting were sold in a challenging environment. In 2009, as a consequence of the recession and its impact on the property market, Dutch shopping streets were inundated with pop-up stores; temporary shops with a simple and cheap but attractive store design. We mainly used cardboard boxes, tubes and pallets for this design. Tension straps and tape enabled us to build the various displays easily and quickly. 

2009 - Straight forward for The Amsterdam Dungeon

The Amsterdam Dungeon belongs to the American Merlins Entertainment Group, the company behind Madam Tussauds who asked us to design business cards that would playfully convey the experience offered by the exciting and popular tourist attraction. Merlin have Dungeons in several cities such as Londen, Berlin and Hamburg based on the same concept. In the Amsterdam Dungeon, located in an old church, you experience an interactive adventure taking you back into the darkest of Dutch history over the last 500 years. As a visitor experiencing this journey, you will become familiar with torture techniques from the middle ages. The business cards we made carried texts that referred to this, focusing on various job positions, for instance the text ‘You can always sell me your soul’ on the card of the General Manager.

2008 - Audition for John de Mol

We designed the company restaurant for Talpa which in 2008 was still completely owned by John de Mol. The brief was for the corporate restaurant to provide a warm and homely place for John to lunch and dine with his visitors and personnel. Presenting our plans to John, the brain behind highly successful international television programmes like The Voice, Fear Factor and Big Brother, felt like an actual audition for The Voice of Holland. Fortunately, during our second presentation, he became enthusiastic about our design, a win that taught us a lot. A several metre-long couch was given the pride of place in the restaurant, an ode to the place in the home where people all over the world watch his programmes. Above it, we placed a blue sky with clouds to symbolize the ether through which his programmes were broadcast.

2008 - Hyves’ new ‘attic’

In 2008 we joined forces with Pactor to design the new interior of Hyves’ headquarters, located in a former bank building on the Frederiksplein in Amsterdam. Hyves had existed for four years at the time and was known as the Dutch alternative to Facebook and MySpace. In the beginning of December 2004, the social network only had 3000 Hyvers, which grew to more than 10 million in the following years. Hyves was even included in the Dikke van Dale (the main dictionary of the Dutch language). Their members included a list of Dutch celebrities and even politicians and their turnover reached ten million euros before they lost their market leadership to Facebook. The founders of Hyves, including Raymond Spanjar, resided on the top floor of the office building, the canal houses symbolising the city where the great adventure once began in a much smaller attic room.

2007 – Première of our Hospitality design

In 2007, we were given our very first assignment for the hospitality sector: to design a coffee- & lunchroom on the first floor of Restaurant ‘De Prinsenmarij’, in the centre of Laren. We gave the lunchroom a beautiful wide gas fireplace and a tall wine cabinet with indirect lighting behind the bar. Years later, the interior was adapted for the owner and his wife to live in the apartment, leaving the decorative fireplace intact while converting the bar into an open kitchen with a cooking island. De Prinsenmarij was eventually sold in 2017. VIDA Laren has been based in the characteristic old police station since 2018 and Toppop-legend Ad Visser has been living in the former lunchroom upstairs.

2007 – First retail design and first international publication  

This design for the Dominio shop in the popular Amsterdam shopping district The Nine Streets, was our very first retail project. The shop selling modern classical Italian ladies and gentlemen’s shoes, bags, ties and watches was a very popular destination in the characteristic shopping district. Our design was done in collaboration with the owner, Taco Joustra, and it was even praised by online design magazine Daily Icon. This was a first in terms of publishing our work internationally. We also designed various full and half page advertisements that appeared in renowned Amsterdam and Dutch magazines and books

2007 - Opening of the Johan Cruijff College

We were honoured to win the assignment for the design of a new interior for the Johan Cruyff College in Roosendaal. Their MBO programme prepares top athletes for positions such as ‘Marketing and Communication specialist in sport business’ and ‘Co-ordinator of sport education, training & coaching’. All classrooms were given a sports theme such as Football, Basketball and Hockey as well as Skating. Sport-themed illustrations were placed on the classroom doors and our design for the interior walls and floors consisted of cut-outs representing a range of famous sport temples such as the Camp Nou of FC Barcelona and the skating dome Thialf in Heerenveen. The opening was hosted by football legend Johan Cruijff in person and was a huge spectacle, a day never to be forgotten.