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Retail Experience Design

Brand and experience shops for selling, storytelling and trying out products


"Everybody lives by selling something.' These wise words from the 19th century novelist Robert Louis Stevenson, author of Treasure Island, have by no means lost their impact. Nearly everything, if not everything that occupies us these days, is related to sales and retail constitutes a very important share. Retail has developed rapidly in recent years, mainly nourished by the data generation trend, resulting in the development of new sales strategies. Shops are becoming increasingly smart, measuring consumer behaviour and the popularity of products. Yet our challenge for the future is to ensure that the retail industry is recyclable and healthy, so that the introduction of new products cause minimal harm to our planet, industry and financial systems, while stimulating employment on a sustainable basis.

The introduction of multi-functional products such as smartphones, tablets and self-driving cars has a visible influence on the retail sector. As a consequence, we now expect from shops that they upgrade themselves nearly as quickly and easily. Shops change continuously and a lot is happening on the shop floor, as every retailer realises that consumers are attracted by movement and action. Furthermore, shops have become places to eat and drink and even to relax. The same applies to hotels and offices these days. Retailers open up restaurants, fashion labels have opened interior design shops, all is in the mix today.



Whatever aim shops choose for the future, when choosing whether or not to enter a shop, only three options are possible: no, yes or yessssssssss! So if a shop doesn’t look as attractive and tempting as a sweet shop, we don’t believe it will be a great success. The future of retail is retail design. Yes, we need data, e-commerce strategies and storytelling, but don’t forget the purchasing power of a good retail design.

Not only have we graduated in retail design and made it our specialty, we are firm fans of the retail industry. A discipline where standing still means falling behind. New developments come to this industry every year and it’s this innovative aspect what makes our work even more enjoyable. Rodney Fitch († 2014) taught us all about the international world of retail and made us fall in love with it. This love was further nourished by our curiosity about commerce and culture and how these two can be combined. We completely agree with his statement: 'Retail is the intersection of culture and commerce'.



Naturally we are happy to discuss the latest retail trends, including all the opportunities we have brought about in collaboration with our clients. Including our vision of retail and our way of working. But we would prefer to brainstorm together with you about how we serve your client even better and which products it would take for you to surprise him or her once again. We combine this input in an attractive retail design centred around experience. We are happy to offer the brainstorming session free of charge and without obligation. This is the best way for you to experience the strategic and experiential power we can give retail design. Will you join us? Please send us your message using the link below.

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