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Office Experience Design

Commercial offices for working, discussing, eating and drinking as well as relaxing


After Silicon Valley in California, where the young, energetic and creative start-up mentality unleashed a revolution into the culture, the design, and the layout of corporate offices, Europe and the Netherlands couldn’t permit themselves to fall behind. Because let’s be honest, looking back at the last few decades, the Dutch office industry has not been very exciting.

Fortunately that time is now behind us. Offices have been transformed from monotonous into social, creative hubs where you are happy to spend your days. Just as comfortable as your home. They positively influence the mentality of employees, in many cases by taking on an identity that perfectly reflects the culture and DNA of the organisation. Besides being a pleasant and inspiring place to work, offices need to make a powerful impact in terms of storytelling and selling power. Just like retail, they tell you about the products, services, culture and history of the organisation and inspire and inform users and visitors alike. Office layouts have also been reformulated during the course of these last few years. Rooms gave way to working zones and circular desks to flexible work spaces. Offices are also becoming smarter and have become adaptable for different purposes and a range of users.



Since 2000, we have invented and designed creative and narrative office concepts. We have experienced the complete transformation of the industry over the past years and are well versed in the latest office trends and developments. Besides being user-friendly, our offices are always experiential where the user and visitor are completely submerged in the world of the given company and/or industry. We are proud that a wide range of national and international books, magazines and blogs see us as a forerunner in our field.



Naturally we are happy to discuss all the new offices we have designed in collaboration with our clients. Including our vision of office layouts and our way of working. But we would prefer to brainstorm together with you on how to turn your office plans for the future into a full experience. We combine this input in an attractive office interior design, centred around experience. We are happy to offer the brainstorming session free of charge and without obligation. This is the best way for you to experience the strategic and experiential power we can give retail design.
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