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Hospitality Experience Design

Scenical leisure spaces, for eating, drinking, relaxing and recreating


Since the retail crisis, hospitality has become a growing market in the Netherlands as well as abroad. New restaurants and food venues shoot up like mushrooms, driven by the food revolution which has been unleashed via social media in recent years. Throughout the city you see new food concepts and bars appear. Every popular dish, kitchen or (coffee) brand, all have their own concept these days. Companies do more and more with food themselves and you can increasingly enjoy a drink or some food within retail stores.

During this revolution we carried out our first hospitality assignments. Such as corporate restaurants, instore food concepts, the design of a lunchroom, a restaurant and even a Grand Hotel. Being great foodies ourselves, we are fans of new food concepts that demand a very specific design. Furthermore, we enjoy traveling and do a lot of it, staying over in some very special places. From budget to high-end. The experiences from our journeys always serve as inspiration. Even our houses and apartments that, because of their modern design and layout as well as the richness of colors and materials, offer the same sense of comfort and escape as a trendy or luxurious hotel. We have built up more than 5 years of experience in hospitality experience design and over the last couple of years in particular, have undergone enormous growth in this area.



Experience is of major importance. A great hospitality design stimulates your senses as well as your mind. It consciously addresses a certain target audience or speaks clearly of its kitchen and its food and drink or about a way of relaxing, enjoying and staying over. A unique experience attracts people and inspires them to attend events and activities. To us, that is the added value of good hospiltality experience design!



Naturally we are happy to discuss different food concepts, as well as the restaurant and Grand Hotel we recently completed in collaboration with our clients. Including our vision of hospitality experience design and our way of working. But we would prefer to brainstorm together with you about how your hospitality project for the future can also be made into a full experience.We combine this input in an attractive hospitality design centred around experience. We are happy to offer the brainstorming session free of charge and without obligation. This is the best way for you to experience the strategic and experiential power we can give to hospitality experience. Will you join us? Please send us your message using the link below.


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