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Branding Experience Design

Culturally linked brands which sell, convince and communicate your message


Brands don’t exist, but companies do and they are run and made by people. It is not the brand that you buy and use, but the products it delivers. Still we are concerned with brands on a daily basis. Each brand has an owner who has the exclusive right to use it.

Branding is what gives a brand a face, using a logo, symbol, trade mark, typography, photography and specific colours. De branding strategy determines the brand’s purpose and reason to exist. The how and why of a brand, also known as Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle which consists of its Why, How and What. We are also in complete alignment with branding guru Wally Ollins. He states that no element is forbidden territory. Even people, countries, cities, museums and schools are brands that require management. His book On Brand (2003) inspired us to work and think along these lines and thereby to create opportunities for very diverse organisations.



Our love of typography, logos, graphical trade marks and illustrations originated from Graffitti. During the master in Retail Design & Communication we learned about the meaning this holds for a brand and the importance of a good brand concept and brand relationship. Beside designing instore communication and visuals, we design branding voor products, people and companies such as logos, publications, brochures and brand items. Often this is preceded by a strategic program resulting in the vision, mission, strategy and concept development of the brand concerned.

To our minds, experience is important. Branding that occupies you, touches, triggers, surprises you and leads you into temptation. It pulls you into the experiential world of the brand. We only find a logo good enough when you would want to wear it, on a t-shirt or even on your body. When you want to join the brand community because of it. We also prioritize that you and your organisations see yourselves reflected in it. Because we believe that if you and your people fully believe in your brand and are proud of it, success is sure to follow.



Naturally we are happy to discuss our current range of branding designs. Including our vision of branding and our way of working. But we would prefer to brainstorm together with you about how we can turn your future branding into a full experience. We combine this input in an attractive branding design, centred around experience. We are happy to offer the brainstorming session free of charge and without obligation. This is the best way for you to experience the strategic and experiential power we can give to branding experience design. Will you join us? Please send us your message using the link below.


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