Sweet USA | Retail Branding

Dandy Candy

Colourful and clear Retail Branding for American chain of sweet shops.  

Sweet USA sell the most popular Dutch sweets under the name ‘Sweet Pick & Mix’, from their sweet kiosks in the American Mega Malls of 25 American cities.

Sour rainbow strips

The different sweets such as gummy bears, green frogs, sour rainbow strips, gummy rings, yellow bananas and chocolate rondos are scooped up in the kiosk by a sales rep and sold mixed in paper bags, in the quantity requested by the client. There is also a choice of mixed sweets in pre-packaged boxes.


The new logo of Sweet Pick & Mix looks sweet, fresh and colourful. The most popular sweets in various colours adorn the paper bags, boxes, banners and posters. A quirky, playful and colourful retail branding that will meet the chain’s requirements for years to come.

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