Hip Hotel Living

Vibrant loft appartement in Amsterdam Harbour area.

The Houthaven is a harbor located by the IJ in the western harbor district in Amsterdam. The harbor, primarily used for inland shipping, was recently transformed into a whole new residential district, moored on seven artificial islands set into the IJ, just like the timber trade was once practiced at its shores.


On the northern island a group of residents built Superlofts. A collective with six-meter high lofts designed to grow along with their needs as the years go by. Add on an extra room or would you prefer more open space to suit your changing family? That is perfectly possible. The industrial architecture offers maximum flexibility. There are shared roof gardens, charging stations and solar panels. Superlofts is a perfect fit for the social development of sharing more. As a resident you determine your own layout, size and styling. How you handle the construction costs for the loft is up to you. You can keep costs down by doing it yourself or you can choose to work with an architect.


In the high, empty room we hung two new boxes, connected by a staircase and a gallery. The first box and stairs create an intimacy in the open kitchen. Under the second box, a comfortable, low room appears to watch films or play the piano. Because every box has its own windows, the whole loft remains light and airy. The living room is meters high, as is the open space which appears by the entrance hall because of the two boxes. Contemporary design and the richness of colors and materials which remain glossy thanks to the light, transport you into a mini trendy hotel. Light, spacious and unique.


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