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Totem Home

Anybody who decides to leave Rotterdam Central Station through the back exit gets to know a whole different side of the city. Green and pleasant canal streets and tree-lined avenues form a surprising oasis of peace, so close to the centre. The majestic houses and peaceful, green streets are totally different to the busy, high-rise buildings of the Lijnbaan, in front of the station, just a few metres up the street. North is also famous for its many small, up and coming quarters which fulfil any desire you may have for fashion, design and good food. Yes! North has it all!

Happy Living

If you long to live in a spacious, peaceful and green place close to the centre, you will be happy in the Bergpolder area. Its atmosphere is as friendly and peaceful as in a village. Its 30’s low-rise apartment buildings are perfectly suited for family-life. One of the apartments was recently given a new lease of life. The inhabitants deliberately gave us carte blanche, so that we could look at the complex with a fresh perspective and use the best new, creative ideas for routing, usage, layout, and look & feel.


Our approach resulted in a completely new layout for the apartment. The square 30’s style hall which was located in the middle of the home, opening up to all the other rooms, was replaced with two open corridors with glass doors and equipped with multi-functional cupboards with oak panelling in characteristic Hungarian herringbone. A Totem in the home’s middle around which all the other spaces come together. Through the open kitchen next to the entrance, you reach the first corridor on your immediate left. This is the new ‘hall’ where the stunning closet provides space for the family’s bags, jackets and shoes as soon as they come home. The light dining room has an amazing view of the street and its neighbouring green space. It leads on to the modern, open kitchen and TV, music- and playroom behind, separated by sliding doors of steel and glass. The two corridors and a revolving steel and glass door open up to the two bedrooms and bathrooms, without anyone having to enter the dining room nor the room behind it. The apartment’s clever new routing is emphazied by the corridors’ authentic green and the satin gloss of the retro-grey 30’s panels. The other colours and materials of the interior are soft and light, both in terms of their hue and their structure. It all complements the great natural light. This is cast from the front, passing through the new corridor, past the new closet, through the second bedroom’s tall window and finally through the steel and glass sliding doors, where it shines far into the home.

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