Enginered Skin

Motor rider restaurant, showroom and shop in shop design in Oss.

REV’IT! is a young, trendy and innovative brand of motorcycle clothing which designs and develops its clothing independently. This is done down to the last detail, including all the materials and the protection built into its innovative clothes line. All with the purpose of makingmotorbiking as comfortable as possible in all situations and whatever the weather. The brand strives to be and to remain a forerunner within their industry, particularly with respect to product innovation and design. Every single component is produced to the highest quality standards and the brand’s genetic code includes thorough testing and honesty about the lifespan of its garments. In this respect, REV’IT! is innovative and fashionable. They launched special jeans for motorcycling. Jackets and trousers including in-house developed 354-gram Cordura®-denim and COOLMAX®. The ideale combination of technical materials, invisible protection and trendy design. Perfect leisure clothing whether you are on or off the bike.

Motor way of life

The company’s soul is expressed through the clean-cut design of their house style, website, exhibition stand, shop in shops and showroom with a restaurant. Clean-cut lamps, modern design furniture, footstools carrying the REV’IT!’ logo and clear branding and signing on the doors. This ratio, its clarity, order, spaciousness and overview, is characteristic of REV’IT!’s innovative impact. Across from this is the emotional aspect, nourished by the motorcycle way of life; in which the family-feeling and recognition play an important role. Lots of places where motorcycle riders and motorcycling fans’ come, such as events like the MotoGP, exhibitions, showrooms and shops, serve as meeting points where the love and passion for the sport are shared and experienced. For REV’IT!’s branding, be it online, on the website or facebook page, in its showroom, office or canteen, on its exhibition stand or in its shop within a shop, the same principle applies. These are (meeting)places where people who share this passion come together, work, meet up, talk, look, experience, eat & drink. This is how they live out their ‘way of life’ and share it. The emotional values in this feeling and lifestyle are warm, personal, romantic, authentic, real, natural and relaxed.

Rational and Emotional Aspects

Together with REV’IT! we have defined their value system and narrowed this down to a rational and emotional aspect. These invariably form the foundation for the design of the rooms in which the brand identity is lived out, such as the shop in shops and showroom with a restaurant. The emotional aspect is nestled comfortably in and against the rational one, in the form of boxes where this emotion is expressed. Together they form a whole. An interesting arrangement, composition or combination of two different characters.


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