radio 538

Seeing Sounds

With the arrival of Radio 538, radio producers and their studios are coming increasingly into the limelight. That is what brought about the wish to create a new Radio 538 On Air Studio. The transformed interior design literally places the DJs in the center of the program, letting them feel lord and master of the new surroundings.

DJs on a throne

In the new setup, the DJ is at the head of the DJ-table, which is at an angle of 45 degrees and placed centrally in the room. It is clear to everyone who is on. From his seat, the radio DJ has an immediate view of all screens, the DJ-booth, the guests and their side-kicks at the table. He sees who comes in but the guests can leave the studio in turn, without being seen.

Friendly Pub

The studio has a low entry threshold and is fresh but also stimulates the senses. Because of the layout, the bar and the changing visuals on the wall, the studio feels like a pub, a place where you meet friends and have great conversations.


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