Park Hotel Madeleine Breda | Hospitality Design

Holy Hotel

Empathic, modern, classic and luxurious park hotel in a former monastery. 

Nowadays hotels offer their guests much more than a bed to sleep in. Experience is where they place their bet: thematisation, programmes, a full-blown Boeing 747 in a hotel garden and tasteful rooms, individually styled. Nothing is too much when it comes to giving your guests an unforgettable stay.

Yet at Park Hotel Madeleine Breda, based in a former monastery in the south of the Netherlands, its main attractions are the monumental building and beauty of the location with its open, park-like surroundings. A natural starting point that inspires the hotel concept and interior, providing an essential link between human, nature and culture.

Relaxing, rejoicing and recharging

Empathy is at the core of the local, rural hotel concept. With technology at an all-time high, people feel they are losing touch with reality and their direct environment. There is a growing need for connection, personal contact and getting away from it all. As life moves faster, there is real joy to be found in escaping the daily routine. Relaxing, rejoicing and recharging as a total experience, that is what Park Hotel Madeleine Breda wishes to offer its guests.

Peace, space and joy in nature, just outside the city, with plenty of personal attention. The old monastery has been completely renovated, preserving its unique historical character. The impressive chapel with its magnificent stained glass windows now serves as a unique meeting room or a setting for weddings, parties and events. The hotel also has a restaurant, champagne & oyster bar, beer bar, wine cellar and wellness facilities. The estate with its English-style landscaping has remained largely intact and is now mainly used for recreational purposes. Existing paths now have ecological paving and they lead to the tea house, a small petting zoo, playground, amphitheatre, beer brewery, cloister garden and vineyard. With an in-house production of fruit, vegetables, eggs and home-brewed trappist beer, Park Hotel M is partly self-sufficient, offering biologically sound, honest and above all fresh produce for their guests’ breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A golden theme

The unique location, surroundings, history and architectural style-mix, including the Neo Classical style from 1866, provides a stunning background. This is complemented by a modern classical interior with international allure and equipped with the latest light and sound technology and installations. The building itself breathes serenity through her impressive light, white entrance hall, long corridor with vaulted arches, deep conference room with decorative, white arches and coloured stained glass windows. This character is carried through in the many suites and rooms, the restaurant, breakfast room, meeting rooms and conference room. The light, serene atmosphere is enhanced by a wealth of natural colours, materials to match the historical finish, such as the authentic marble floor, the stained glass, the plastered ceilings and the white interior walls, doors and frames. A light oak fishbone floor is to be found in the reception room and restaurant, a light terrazzo floor in the corridors, warm light grey wallpaper and hangings with prints of vegetation, forest and shades of green. Soft, natural tints enrich the various rooms. Organic, natural shapes such as a leaf, flower or plant have inspired the choice and design of the furniture, lighting and decorations. The larger pieces including the bar, buffet, counter and cupboards have been purpose-made in the classical style, to match the monastery architecture, giving a light and natural atmosphere where various types of wood, organic materials and real leather are combined. This is complemented with contemporary furniture, accessories, geometric wallpaper patterns and sanitation. The finishing touch is the golden theme that brings it all together. Edgings of brass in the fishbone and terrazzo floors, a geometric pattern of golden lines in the wallpaper, a golden thread in the cushions and other soft furnishings, brass handles on the cupboards and golden edges on the vases and crockery. As a whole, these details form the golden theme that connects past and future throughout the hotel.


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