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For lovers of food

Who is not into food these days? From different cuisines, dishes, trends, receipes, series, chefs, and restaurants, to being a home chef cooking increasingly healthy meals. There is no way around it, food lives like never before! In latter years, the same can be said for the experience of food. Nourished by the experience economy, focusing on the experience associated with a certain product or service. The consequence is that everything increasingly revolves around emotion.


So what is the result of this development within the food sector? The introduction of numerous unique and original food concepts! Where brand, packaging, persona and experience as well as the preparation at the table, is of major importance. Kitchens are broken open, SLA conquers the Netherlands, and disused sheds are turned into new concept restaurants, bringing deserted business parks back to life. And the speed with which food trends spread across the world on social media channels such as Instagram, further propels the daily development of creative food...

Nowadays, food is just as much about the feelings a certain dish generates and because of this emotional experience, the environment, packaging and decoration of the table is just as important as the food itself. 


Palmer Table Wear responds to this trend with an extensive, distinguishing and trendy collection. With their unique style, they lay the richest and most beautifully decorated tables. In restaurants,at home, at (food) festivals and in the garden. Palmer celebrates life luxuriously at the table, with an exquisite collection characterised by an abundance of colours, designs, materials and structures. Palmer believe that their range of products are most expressive when they are combined. This brings the beauty of Palmer to life. 

Palmer’s new branding is just as colourful, avant-garde, adventurous, international, surprising, stylish, clear, creative and decorative. The idea that the collection’s individual items finish your dishes to perfection and contribute to the ultimate food and taste experience, is accentuated by remarkable photography where the ingredients of various international dishes are placed around their tablewear collection. Their new payoff leaves no doubt about their passion both for food and for their target audience; Palmer - For lovers of food. 

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