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We are Amsterdam

The diversity of Amsterdam as a city with 180 nationalities, dates far back into her past when many craftsmen from the south of the Netherlands sought refuge in the city during the Spanish inquisition. Later on, an influx of foreigners followed from Germany and the Scandinavian countries at the end of the sixteenth century. In 2000, Martijn Frank Dirks also moved from the south to the capital of the Netherlands, with the goal of setting up his design agency surrounded by the numerous famous Dutch and international brands and companies based in the city. He hoped this was the way to gain experience and build up long term business relations.


His studio eventually became a success and he also found happiness in his private life. To give thanks for this, the book Outsiders was made in the year that his company studiomfd became 10 years old. A book telling forty stories of outsiders in Amsterdam, that he has met there in the last few years as well as a few he came to know during the course of writing the book. Just like Martijn, they all chased their dream and this led them to become insiders in the capital. This book is all about the opportunities that Amsterdam offers. It contains stories which give Amsterdammers a fresh look at the city of their life and career, and inspires outsiders to visit Amsterdam, to stay for a while or even to live/ work there. Come over and you can also contribute to this amazing city for ‘we are Amsterdam'.

Peep and read

Outsiders Amsterdam is both a picture and reading book. A book to read and look into from time to time. That is how the book was designed and made. Deliberately we choose for a clean black and white layout so the various stories and cultures of the outsiders make the difference. Photographer Kasimer Szekeres shot the forty outsiders beautifully from up close and at their favorite Amsterdam site. Since the length of the stories and the simultaneously looking into and reading the book we developed a magazine-like layout.





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