Old Amsterdam Cheese Store

Full of Character

Amsterdam near Dam Square located characteristic cheese store.

The internationally renowned cheese brand Old Amsterdam, has four cheese shops in Amsterdam’s center. Studiomfd designed the interior of all the shops to perfectly match the Old Amsterdam brand. Old Amsterdam invites you to experience the old cheese flavor with the practicality of a seasoned cheese (a shorter ripening period). The new direction of the brand revolves around the character, the purity, the authenticity, the realness, the accessibility and the individuality of the taste and experience of the cheese itself.


As soon as the clientele walks into the shop, they experience the link with food and cheese in a shop that entices them to taste the product. The shop meets them with the classical cheese, surrounded by the matured materials used in the interior. Halfway through the shop, however, the floor changes into a black and white tile pattern and the materials become lighter. Here other cheeses are displayed on large, cooled tables.The setup of all the cupboards and tables is modular, so that the interior as a whole can easily be moved around.

Cheese House

The styling of the shop reflects the new direction of Old Amsterdam. Genuine, pure and characteristic materials such as the aged wooden floor that has been given an authentic saw blade structure. In a similar vein, the counter top is made of granite from Belgian bluestone. Foreign visitors recognize the city of Amsterdam when they see the cheese house, shaped like a typical canal house and located in the center of the shop. The shop touches all the senses and creates a field of tension between history, the city, the character and the flavor of the cheese.


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