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Get ready to tumble!

Characteristic modern Miele laundrette interior concept.

In 1934, one of the world’s first self-service laundrettes was opened in Chicago and doing your washing there soon became a cool thing to do. The launch came about when innovative technology rendered hours of scrubbing away using a washboard, soda and soap superfluous. In its place came hours of waiting, seated on simple vintage and later plastic chairs, next to your neighbour in a bright, tiled room- a strangely comfortable and reassuring scenario.

new lease of life

Since its beginnings, the laundrette has been ‘a place to be’ on par with a Barber Shop and Milkshake Bar and through the years, it has been used in the design of stage sets for films, TV-commercials and music. The excellent film ‘My beautiful Laundrette’ which was shot in London, the iconic Levi’s 501 Jeans commercial with Nick Kamen, wearing boxershorts and waiting for his jeans in a typical 50’s laundrette, and of course Albert King’s characteristic Blues song ‘Laundromat Blues’ to name but a few.

The industrial revolution almost put an end to the laundrette as most households became able to purchase their own washing machines and dryers. But trends and innovations recently gave it a new lease of life, turning the simple act of washing in a laundrette into a true experience and very sustainable habit. Hip and trendy laundrettes now form part of the city street scene, often combined with a coffee bar or even hairdressers where, in line with the current sharing economy, washing machines are shared between people.


The family-owned company Miele, which has developed and brought washing machines onto the market since 1901, and who ran their own laundrettes in the Netherlands a couple of decades ago, recently made a comeback with their own Miele Laundry Boutiques in student residences throughout the Netherlands. Studiomfd designed the trendy interior and the ‘crystal clear’ communication of the new Miele Laundry Boutique for their young target group in a fresh, new style.

All instructions, rules, manuals and explanations which would normally be spread throughout a laundrette, were displayed on one convenient communication wall. The Miele professional washing machines were built into a cabinet, above which we placed a light pink retro neon sign. A Miele facts & figures wall provides information and illustrations about the history, milestones, goals and sustainability of the brand. On the Miele-red corner table, you can fold your clean clothes, and the ‘Lost Laundry wall’ with a wink, is the place to leave any pieces of clothing your neighbour may have left behind in the washing machine. Get ready to tumble at Miele Laundry Boutique!


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