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Perfect Promo

Food, we all deal with it on a daily basis. Doing so cooking and the kitchen have formed the core of our homes for years.

With their innovative kitchen appliances, Miele are keen to contribute to this feeling. Innovation and userfriendliness go hand in hand as far as Miele kitchen appliances are concerned. Faithful to their ‘Immer Besser’ brand promise, what they select for the kitchen is top notch; you can even communicate with your Miele kitchen appliances from home and while travelling using Miele@home. Isn’t that incredibly convenient?


The steam oven, flagship of Miele kitchen appliances, is the perfect advanced addition to your kitchen. Warming up, thawing, a quick and healthy evening meal or a complete dinner for all your guests, the Miele steam oven enables you to prepare delicious dishes in the blink of an eye! Vegetables and fish are cooked perfectly. Potatoes, meat and rice are prepared easily and well, with a temperature range from 40 °C to 100 °C, as well as soup and boiled or scrambled eggs. You can even make sweets in the steam oven, such as tasty desserts, yoghurt, oatmeal, jam or juice.

Electric cooking is the future, induction being the most popular method. Miele’s induction cookers can be enhanced with great extras like the PowerFlex-cooking zone that warms certain areas of the cooker top extra intensively. The power from several zones are transferred to one zone, ideal for cooking in the wok for instance! A large pan or roasting tin is also heated much more evenly. Miele allows you to cook extensively and flexibly, according to your own taste.

New Kitchen

By choosing Miele kitchen appliances, you choose quality, technology, user-friendliness and innovative features. This is exactly what Miele wants their consumers to see and experience when they come looking for a new kitchen in one of the Dutch Miele premium partner kitchen showrooms. The Miele kitchen display and showcase furniture support this message. On the large LED screen, Miele’s kitchen innovations are displayed and demonstrated. Communication boxes with text translate the values and ‘call to action’ of Miele’s kitchen appliances. The large illuminated box shows the newest branding, the Generation 7000 programme for instance. The display unit can be extended with a cabinet containing a built in Miele steam oven with LED lit branding and communication above and below. The light and movement attract your attention, as does the LED illuminated logo boxes at the top of the units. The sleek design, corporate colours and sustainable execution integrates seamlessly with the Miele brand and their products; quality and sustainability for a perfect result!


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