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studiomfd | De afwerking en het ontwerp spelen een grote rol bij de branding van je brand book
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Happiness you can buy

Not all that long ago in the Netherlands, a café would place a sign out on its terrace, announcing: Hot coffee ready to serve. And it was: sometimes it was ready and waiting for hours. And people actually paid for it, too. Barista was a word no one had heard of yet.

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Special Brand

Times have changed. Espresso and its numerous caffeinated derivations have conquered the Dutch market. Professional brand Laurentis is Douwe Egberts special brand for the hospitality business that allows business owners to have a perfect coffee concept with a sensibility that can be finely calibrated to suit every establishment.

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Spread the Message

Guests love Laurentis espresso and so do the restaurant and café owners. Once you start serving Laurentis in your business, you’ll never want to go back. But how do you convey this to the other restaurateurs who have yet to make the choice for the quality service and excellent flavor offered by Laurentis? To spread the message, studiomfd has made a brand book that showcases the brand in all its glory, highlighting its favorite aspects as seen through the eyes of its consumers.