studiomfd | Wij voeren ook de branding uit voor jouw merk zoals bij het logo van Justen Beer
studiomfd | We denken mee bij de branding van je app of website zoals bij Justen Beer
studiomfd | Wij verzorgden de branding van de merchandise van Justen Beer waaronder de t-shirts die hij verkoopt

justen beer

Dance around the world

Sometimes a rare and fantastic combination of qualities occurs: A passion for breakdance, a tremendous talent, high creativity, a thirst for work and the mature ability to build up a career that will span the entire globe. Break-dancer Justen Beer from Limburg in the Netherlands has it all, and he is only 16. In 2013 he won the TV Show Everybody Dance Now. He has had performances in Europe, Asia, and America. He’s made YouTube hits with views ratcheting up hundreds of thousands, sometimes even millions of views.

studiomfd | Wij hebben de app van Justen Beer mogen voorzien van onze unieke branding
studiomfd | Onder de merchandise van Justen Beer vallen ook de tassen die wij met onze branding hebben mogen aanpakken

All over the world

Some time ago the Justen Beer tutorial app was released that teaches you how to develop your moves as a break-dancer. For this app 'Justen Beer Worldwide' footage was shot all over the world: on the Chinese Wall, the Golden Gate Bridge and in the Rijks Museum. In case you didn’t twig it yet: This little guy, who first showed off his breakdancing skills on Dutch national TV at the tender age of 7, has grown up to be a world-class star!

studiomfd | Petten behoren ook tot de merchandise van Justen Beer en zijn onderdeel van onze branding
studiomfd | De app van Justen Beer wordt ook aangepakt met onze branding om zo een eigen huisstijl te behouden


A global star like Justen can shine at his brightest when his brand is visually distinctive and easy to spot. For him a consistent and recognizable house style has been created, a logo that works on a t-shirt as well as on a hat, an app or website. All in a visual style clearly illustrating that Justen as a break-dancer can easily leap from standstill into a salto, but as a person is firmly rooted in the earth.

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