studiomfd | Wij voeren ook de branding uit voor jouw merk zoals bij het logo van Justen Beer
studiomfd | We denken mee bij de branding van je app of website zoals bij Justen Beer
studiomfd | Wij verzorgden de branding van de merchandise van Justen Beer waaronder de t-shirts die hij verkoopt

justen beer

Dance around the world

Global brand and online media design for Dutch breakdancing champion.

Every now and then something unique appears, an incredible mix of traits: a passion for breakdance, an amazing talent, a drive for achievement and an adult personality who wants to build up his international career. Breakdancer Justen Beer from Limburg has it all at his young age. In 2013 he won the final of the well-known television program 'Everybody Dance Now'. He performed throughout Europe and the States and made YouTube videos that were watched hundreds of thousands of times.

studiomfd | Wij hebben de app van Justen Beer mogen voorzien van onze unieke branding
studiomfd | Onder de merchandise van Justen Beer vallen ook de tassen die wij met onze branding hebben mogen aanpakken

Dance Moves

Not so long ago, the official Justen Beer app was launched, teaching breakdancers his amazing dance moves. The footage for this Justen Beer World-wide App was recorded all over the world. On the Great Wall of China, at the Golden Gate Bridge and by the Rijksmuseum. Clearly this little boy, who showed his breakdancing skills on ‘Holland Got’s Talent’ when he was just seven years old, has gone on to become a world star.

studiomfd | Petten behoren ook tot de merchandise van Justen Beer en zijn onderdeel van onze branding
studiomfd | De app van Justen Beer wordt ook aangepakt met onze branding om zo een eigen huisstijl te behouden


A star like Justen can only really shine when his brand is personally distinguishing and accessible. We created a consistent and recognizable house style with an iconic logo which works well on t-shirts, caps, a bag and on his new app and website. A visual identity which reveals that however well breakdancer Justen can perform a back flip, he keeps both his feet firmly on the ground.


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