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Where The Light is

At its simplest, light is very useful for seeing in the dark, but apart from the practical reasons, light is also pretty and atmospheric. Ever since the middle ages we have looked for light sources to improve our quality of life. Light is a part of our life, we use it on a daily basis and thanks to the light bulb invented by Edison, its development continues.

Complete Program

Internova in Breda has more than 20 years of experience in lighting and has become to be the go-to specialist in LED lighting for the retail segment. Its LED armatures meet the highest criteria of sustainability and energy saving. Internova offers a complete range of design armatures and provides advice for choosing lighting colors and strengths to achieve an optimal shop experience.

Professional & Cosy

We designed a new profession yet cosy Internova office, similar to the culture of the company. Homely and perfect. The combination of dark and light colors and materials, of industrial and natural ones, seamlessly fits the company’s culture, region, products and services. The new two floor office consists of a variety of rooms such and meeting and office rooms, a lunchroom, a bar and  a showroom, all connected by a meters high entrance hallway and vide with a characteristic staircase.


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