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Berry Love

Joyful Berry Booth for finest berry brand.

Strawberries. Who hasn’t bought them and eaten them fresh from the land? A better way of buying and selling them is hard to imagine. Outside with the sun on your face and with the beautiful fields as a backdrop. We don’t know if the two founders of the delicious Driscoll’s brand, Joseph ‘Ed’ Reiter and Dick Driscoll, had the same vision and if this was how they picked and sold their very first strawberries in California at the beginning of the 19th century. But there is no denying that the combination of sunlight, water, their love and much care, brought about the most delicious strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries under the Driscoll’s brand. A name that is now seen as a quality label without which the supermarkets just wouldn’t be the same


Today, Driscoll’s believe that their berries improve people’s lives by bringing light, joy, fun and especially flavor to every moment of their day. They say that Driscoll’s heavenly berries taste best when they are shared. These joyful moments touch the lives of people all over the world. This is Driscoll’s contribution to society and their way of stimulating togetherness.


Sharing Driscoll’s berries as well as happiness, that is the foundation for this modular Berry Booth which we developed for them. The booth consists of different elements, one part for cultivation and one for sharing. It is set up to suit the required purpose each time. The style of the Berry Booth is new, trendy and fresh. The styling has the look & feel of a fruit stand you may come across at the roadside or at a festival. Everything is tailored to match Driscoll’s new corporate identity, which is reiterated in the logo and colorful berry branding. Share the berry joy!


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