Driscoll's | Retail Design

Berry Love

Strawberries, who hasn't bought and eaten them on the road fresh of the land? A nicer way to sell and buy them is hardly imaginable, outside, the sun on your face and with in the background the beautiful fields. No idea if the two founders Joseph ‘Ed’ Reiter en Dick Driscoll of delicious Driscoll’s thought so too and did harvest and sell their first berries the same way during the start of the 19th century when they began to grow their first strawberries in California. Unmistakably, the combination of sunlight, water, their much love and attention have brought Driscoll’s the most delicious strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. The brand today is an integral part of today’s food chain and known as a genuine quality mark.


Driscoll’s believes her berries to make today’s life more easy and airy. To bring joy at any given moment and to make things more lighter, joyful and above all more tasteful. The taste of Driscoll’s delightful berries is at best when shared with others. These moments of joy touch the lives of people all over the globe. Doing so Driscoll’s hopes to give back to the community and to stimulate togetherness.


Sharing joy and Driscoll’s berries forms the starting point of this special designed modular Berry Booth. The several module are to show, to grow and to share. The booth is  set  up according the desired usage and situation. It’s style is new, hip and fresh. It’s design shows features of a roadside fruit stall and a festival stand. All perfectly in line with Driscoll’s new corporate identity reappearing on the booth by the floating logo and colourful berry branding. Share the berry joy!