Dazzling Double Decker

State of the art mobile Racing Technology Center for REV’IT! motor sport.

As a premier clothes brand for the motor sport industry, REV’IT! is driven by passion for its own organisation as well as its field of expertise. This industry branch offers a wide variety of products, technologies and services to millions of motoring enthusiasts world-wide.

Everything that REV’IT! does is measured against its three core values: design, performance and innovation. REV’IT! specializes in engineering, development and design of motorcycle clothing and accessories. Their in-house R&D centre plays a crucial role in their activities and it has recently gained a momentous extension, the REV’IT! Racing Technology Center at the MotoGP!


To know the criteria for the best motorcycle clothing, you need to take your activities to the highest level. That is how REV’IT! sees it.

As a consequence, REV’IT! has been present at the MotoGP for years. This is the motor race class for Honda, Yahama, Suzuki, Aprillia and Ducati motorcycles and it forms a part of the world championship motor race that the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) has organised since 2002. REV’IT! uses the feedback they gather from their riders, including Danilo Petrucci en Alvaro Bautista, who compete at the highest level, to continuously improve their clothing development process. For the 2019 season,

REV’IT! has taken an important step in their product & technology development and they are now proud to present their own Racing Technology Center.


The two-storey, black, mobile giant has its own regular spot at the European MotoGP’s. Throughout the race weekend, its ground floor R&D centre provides REV’IT! riders with professional track-side services. This is also where the crucial R&D data is collected. On the second floor, the hospitality section can be found. A press box, with a panoramic view, for private conversations and interviews with the riders, functioning also a lounge room where they can withdraw for some private relaxation time, for instance by playing motor racing games against each other.

Next to this, there is a second larger lounge with a cocktail bar and a closed-off mini boardroom equipped with the latest media and communication equipment. REV’IT!’s rich history of racing must be showcased and it is clearly visible by means of original, signed racing gloves belonging to (former) REV’IT!-riders Randy de Puniet and former 2015 world champion Kenan Sofuoğlu. Cushions made of old racing suits decorate the lounge seating. We made this new Race Technology Centre into a huge, sensational REV’IT! brand experience, inside and outside. The matte-black steel cooling fins and inlaid, uninterrupted black rows of exterior windows. And the black/white, metallic, high-tech interior in both matte and high gloss, including a futuristic aluminium bar and side tables as well as a lounge seat with high-tech upholstery.

Welcome to REV’IT!’s Racing Technology Center at the MotoGP!


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