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Concrete Office

Concrete has been a popular durable stone-like construction material for years. The Egypts, Babylonians and Greeks used it for building buildings. The Romans first used it at large scale, likewise to built the Colosseum. Sadly during the fall of the Romanian Empire many of knowledge on concrete was lost, consequently it took centuries for it to be rediscovered. Who could ever imagine in 1925 when small projects where built in concrete for the first time in the Netherlands it would become as popular again also because of aesthetics? Many contemporary architect apply concrete in a decorative way today in their designs. They are great fan of the deep grey color and rich marble-like surface. Some architects take it even one step further to go beyond the material’s maximum possibility. Like architect Ben van Berkel, better known as the architect who can make concrete dance.

Great Passion

To realise his great designs, such as Arnhem’s railway station or the one’s of architect Roberto Meyer like the Mall of the Netherlands, they highly rely on a great concrete builder. Concrete Valley in Bergen op Zoom, the city’s entrepreneur of the year, is such a party, or even better, the one to help them out. At their 80.000 m2 construction site highly innovative, distinctive and extraordinarily concrete facades, panelling and constructions are being realized. Three companies have their offices on the terrain, housed in one office building. Here people work with great passion on new ideas and possibilities for concrete. Welcome at concrete valley!


We designed a contemporary, quirky, distinctive and extraordinarily office for concrete valley in line with their built buildings and constructions. With earthy and sand colors inspired by earth and sand, the fundament of the great building material. The interior design typed by diagonal lines and combinations of concrete, fabrics and earthy and sand colors and materials is all over the place. Right through it also runs the backbone of cabinets, seatings, a reception table, office utility area and pantry. It defines the office in various zones to work, meet up, present and eating and drinking. Small living rooms for internal discussions, a large meeting room to present new projects, a pantry / coffee corner to catch up on things and multifunctional restaurant to lunch, dine and for Friday drinks. The zones are connected trough passages in the backbone, which itself positively reduces noise disturbance making the office a good space to work.