Cingel College

Good Food

Educational student canteen in Breda.

In the canteen and restaurant of Cingel College in Breda (CiCO), no frozen fries are served straight out a plastic bag by a second-year student. Fortunately catering as a profession is finally being treated with more care and consideration, even in the Netherlands. Companies (and clients!) are choosing quality ingredients. Employees that have graduated from a decent catering school are therefore in higher demand.


Quality begins with your personnel. A good chef makes sure that his crew have enjoyed a tasty meal together before the guests begin to arrive. Good catering education should be no different, that was the thinking at the ROC in Breda. So they asked us to transform the canteen into the CiCO restaurant. Not with a huge renovation but by reusing the existing furniture and means as much as possible. This transformation shows how limited resources can still result in a place that in look & feel easily matches what one would expect to encounter in a modern urban environment.

ROC West Brabant

Cingel College co-operates with its students who take responsibility for their own training and receive guidance where needed. At Cingel College they work together and put each other’s skills to good use in order to excel as a team. The personal attention can also be felt in the way you are approached at the school, its restaurant, the bakery and the brasserie. Cingel College is a part of ROC West-Brabant, the greatest professional training institute (vocational secondary education) in the region.


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