Cingel College

Take a Break

Quality begins with staff. We should do the same at our college for tourism, hotel & catering, the Breda ROC must have thought. So they asked us to transform the school’s break out into a worthy area that just as easily could have been the lobby of youngster Berlin budget Hotel or London Hostel.


Two large seating boxes that serve as storage for foldable chairs to be used during graduation define the area in several places for tables, a car coffee corner and stage seating. Resulting in a place that in look & feel easily matches what one would expect to encounter in a modern urban environment.

ROC West Brabant

Cingel College in Breda (in the southwest of The Netherlands) is a school for secondary vocational education specializing in tourism and the hotel and catering industry. Around 700 students aged 16-20 years learn about their future careers through hands-on experience in and outside of the school. There are also exchange programmes with schools and organizations outside of The Netherlands. Graduates can either work or study further in higher professional education (HBO). Cingel College is part of ROC West-Brabant, the largest vocational institution in the south of the Netherlands, firmly joined with the regional workfield.