Cingel College

Take a Break

Hostel style student breakout.

Quality begins with personnel’ they thought at Cingel College in Breda, a part of the comprehensive school ROC West-Brabant. The school which provides MBO education for the subjects Bread & Pastry, Facilities, Catering and Tourism, asked us to design a contemporary break area which could have been the lobby of a budget youth hostel in Berlijn or London.


Two big boxes that you can also sit in provide a storage facility for the folding chairs when they are not used for graduation ceremonies. These divide the space into areas with tables, a coffee corner and a stage bench. The look & feel of the interior is linked to the modern city surroundings.

ROC West Brabant

Cingel College co-operates with its students who take responsibility for their own training and receive guidance where needed. At Cingel College they work together and put each other’s skills to good use in order to excel as a team. The personal attention can also be felt in the way you are approached at the school, its restaurant, the bakery and the brasserie. Cingel College is a part of ROC West-Brabant, the greatest professional training institute (vocational secondary education) in the region.


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