studiomfd | De branding van de Barber School in Amsterdam voor onder andere de posters
studiomfd | Branding omvat ook het interieurdesign en de uitstraling van het kapsalon
studiomfd | Om de branding tot een succes te brengen wordt het hele interieur aangepast

Barber School

Style Sharpers

Authentic branding for school of barbers in Amsterdam.

The Barber School Amsterdam combines now & wow with tradition. Without knowing exactly which tradition, by the way. Somewhere in between the Wild West, the '20s and the unforgettable covered ears of the ‘70s. Times when a man’s hair was basically his own business. After which, we say this with all respect, it was transferred into the hands of the ladies for a couple of decades. Today it seems like the men have won back their hair. But preferably with a little more style.

studiomfd | Het logo van de Barber School wordt ook door middel van branding aangepakt
studiomfd | Het hele interieur moet met behulp van branding aansluiten op de huisstijl


The Amsterdam Barber School branding is primarily directed at its main purpose: attracting students to the art of barbering. Inviting and attractive, it suits the look & feel of a barber. It is motivating and inspiring for both students and teachers.

studiomfd | Om een echte ervaring te creëren met behulp van de branding wordt het kapsalon ook gedecoreerd
studiomfd | Bij de branding wordt nagedacht over wat jij naar je klanten wilt uitstralen
studiomfd | Zo is het hele kapsalon aangepast aan de nieuwe huisstijl met onze branding


It may make you dream about your own future barber salon. But above all, it fits well into the learning environment where a teacher always need to keep an eye on the work of the aspiring barber. The client may happily make his hair available for the learning process, but he is not willing to do it any price.


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