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Afa Dispensing

A new way to spray

Four fold folder & sample packaging for fine mist spray revolution.

Afa is a leading innovator and world-wide supplier of cfk-free liquid dispensers. Its innovative technology is used in various product lines such as Air Fresheners, Cleaning products, Garden and plant products (Pokon), Animal care, Personal care, Car maintenance and the Food industry (including the Heineken BeerTender).

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Afa’s techniques have been inspired by the laws of nature. The company develops state of the art technological products purely for manual use. An electrical mechanism is rarely applicable.

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Less is More

The most remarkable innovation is Flairosol. A cfk-free spray with at least the same unique nebulization you would expect from an aerosol spray. This essential box with brochure provides the first encounter with this new product and clearly explains the new innovative spray technology.


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