People Engine

Startup service office for online industrial-parts wholesaler in Groningen.

Do you need a spoon-type dredger? A drill bush? Or maybe a tube trimmer? in Leek, Groningen offers 454.716 articles, making them the go-to webshop for industrial spare parts. That begins, of course, with a perfectly organized web page and logistics that deliver what is promised. But distributing a great deal of spare parts quickly is one thing. To stand out in such a specific market, a lot of industrial knowledge is required, allowing the client to make the best choices for the job at hand. That is where excel and their clients greatly appreciate it. In their offices you find a great mix spanning from technical specialists, sales people with industrial knowledge, front-end developers and data-analysts to online marketeers.

Passion for Industry

The new offices of breathe the core value of the company: passion for industry. The lamps, the robust separating walls and of course the accentuated addition of the brightly colored INDI-bins, in which orders are collected and shipped. The interior makes it perfectly clear what this is all about: this is the home of a fresh approach as regards the service offering within the industrial segment.


In such a diverse company, being able to help one another is absolutely necessary for survival. Smartly placed, comfortable meeting/ discussion corners make it possible to find one another and to bring together required knowledge. The office layout also offers you every opportunity to get down to work effectively.


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