Project description

In this studio set-up, the DJ sits at the head of the DJ console, which is turned 45 degrees and stands center stage in the studio. It is immediately clear who is in charge. Seated on his or her throne, the DJ can easily see all of the screens, the DJ booth, guests and side-kicks at the table. The DJ sees who is entering and the guests in turn can leave the studio without crossing the camera’s lens. The studio is a low-key and friendly place to be while also challenging and exciting. The layout, the bar and the constantly changing visuals on the wall make the studio feel like a relaxed place to be, like your favorite café, where you can hang out with friends and where all the best discussions are happening.

Size: 60m2
Client: Radio 538
Location: Hilversum
Year: 2014
Team: Ellen Kiers, Daniel Istatia, Martijn Frank Dirks





Online: Fubiz
Screen: RTL Boulevard, TROS TV Show