Project description

Estate focuses on what is essential: Adding value. Simplicity. Being effective. Clarity. People first. When the office is expanded and redecorated, these are the values indicated. When you walk in, it must be immediately clear that Estate stands for these values and that this is what you as a client can expect from them. The sightlines reflect the logic of the interior. The furniture in black-and-white contrasts lays down clean lines but with an inviting and practical atmosphere. A physical expression of everything that Estate stands for: Work is being done here. With pleasure. And success.

Size: 790m2
Client: Estate Internet
Location: Tilburg
Year: 2015
Team: Ellen Kiers, Maria van Zwieten, Martijn Frank Dirks





Online: Office et Culture, Office Snapshots, Office Lovin, Retail Design Blog, Gigantic Forehead


'Ik heb bewondering voor de manier waar studiomfd in staat is om in hele korte tijd, de spijker op zijn kop te slaan. Samenwerken met een bedrijf als estate is lang niet altijd eenvoudig. Ze maken het waar.'

alex otten, CEO estate