The business potential of a single bean.

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As you are no doubt aware, consumerism is an indispensable part of contemporary modern society. Most likely, it is something you deal with on a daily basis, for example considering how you can improve and innovate your products and services in order to serve or entertain your clients and users even better. This concept is nothing new considering the fact that the verb ‘to consume’ has existed in Latin since the 12th century and that we Europeans have shipped and traded spices from the East since the 15th century. Furthermore, world-wide trading has increased over the course of centuries, bringing about a process of economic and cultural integration that we now know as Globalisation.

What intrigues us even more at studiomfd, is the spread of the many different national, regional and cultural consumer behaviours that have arisen due to global integration. In recent years this spread has accelerated, chiefly due to social media, and has become a strong influence on what we eat and drink, where we go out, play sports and go on holiday, which clothes we wear, and especially how we do all of this.

CONSUMER conduct

Consumer behaviour is as old as world trade itself, but its study and in particular the ability to influence it using data analysis and neurotechnology, is a more recent phenomenon. Studiomfd continuously focuses on the insights and values of consumer behaviour, using this as inspiration for ourselves and others concerning our commercial activities, products and designs. The extent of consumer behaviour differences quickly becomes clear if you consider an ancient and daily product such as coffee. Think about how many types of coffees you know and how different they are. Italian coffee, Turkish coffee, African coffee, traditional Dutch coffee…

The way coffee is made and drunk also differs, despite the fact that all coffees in the world originated from one single little coffee bean. A simple fact like that, is what makes our work so interesting. Especially when you realise that the difference in usage and behaviour extends far beyond simply drinking your daily brew. And this has resulted in the presence of numerous coffee shops in every contemporary town. Coffee shops have existed since the Ottoman Empire in the 15th century. Even then, they served as an important meeting place where people, beside drinking coffee, played games together, gambled and discussed politics. Coffee shops are not so new after all and neither is the place they occupy in modern society. Their execution and design is what has evolved over the past decades, as well as what we do and don’t discuss inside them.


Coffee-drinking and all its surrounding behaviours will probably never disappear from our lives. You can try to predict, guide and even manipulate their course; we prefer to observe them lovingly, passionately and powerfully in order to consider the form required for these behaviours to become even more successful in our contemporary modern society. We are also happy for coffee to be a source of inspiration for all other products and services we are working on. If one single bean can produce so many different products, tastes, uses, by-products and even places, then any other product should in principle be able to do the same, should it not? Or at least it should have the potential to do so! Do you feel the same about your business, product or service? Call or mail us, we are happy to think along with you! 

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