If you happen to have holiday plans involving Ibiza or or if you are still wrapping your head around possible destinations for the summer, Northern Ibiza could be your perfect choice. The north of this beautiful Spanish island located in the middle of the Mediterranean, has stunning nature, breathtaking bays and beaches, fantastic green vinyards that stretch into the distance and idyllic villages. It is also home to a pretty and romantic boutique hotel called Los Enamorados. A feast, not only for the eyes, but also for the heart of anyone who loves great interior design combined with delicious food and drink like we do.


The modest hotel can be found in the adventurous harbour of Portinatx, on the coast, at the foot of the beautiful lighthouse. It is a wonderful place to stay, relax, indulge and be yourself. We slept like a log in our room with its amazing views over the sea and the little bay. The room was richly decorated with gorgeous period armchairs, side tables and mood lamps, with colourful carpets and wall hangings, cushions and curtains and it reminded us of a scene from a romantic international film or a non-fiction bestseller. Breakfast was delicious; good coffee, healthy, fresh juices and home-made pastries in the afternoon followed by a sparkling cocktail to go with delicious, small, local dishes made with freshly caught fish. We were positively surprised by the in-house bazaar which had great furniture, accessories, clothes, carpets, table wear and books. Every last thing was tastefully decorated. The restaurant, beach bar, boutique hotel and Los Enamorados bazaar are the brainchild of Pierre Traversier, ex-basket ball player and sneaker collector and Rozemarijn de Witte, editor in chief and collector of the most extraordinary products.


The coast of Northern Ibiza has many stunning bays with great beaches and they are all worth visiting by car. Cale Benirràs is our absolute favourite. Along the bay are breathtaking rocks lying in stunning waters of a deep greenish blue colour. The surrounding forest is dense, allowing you to seclude yourself completely from the civilized world. Close to the coast, many vinyards stretch towards the west in a no less spectacular sight than the Dordogne. These are surrounded by narrow, winding roads that eventually lead back towards the northern country inland. This is where you will find the idyllic village of Sant Juan, home to a weekly hippie market. Local artists, ceramic potters and furniture makers display their work on rugs on the street or in little stalls. In the middle of the village, the most delicious local dishes and drinks are sold on the main square. To be fair, it is very crowded, but Sant Juan is definitely worth a visit. As far as we are concerned, you can forget Ibiza’s busy party-life at clubs such as Amensia, Pacha and Ushuaia. North is IT, so spend some time getting to know this wonderously unique area and find your peace on this glorious southern European island.

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