Heineken Smiling e monument

Word statues in public space are a powerfulll way to type a certain place. Think of the well known and long-lasting 15 meters high Hollywood sign which spell the name of the area since the 20ties. Yet since the refurbishment of the white corrugated sheet letters start of the 50ties, the sign draws people from all over the United States and far beyond to the characteristic site in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Every year tons of tourist have their picture taken in front of it thus to monumentalise themselves with it. 

Robert Indiana’s Love statue which was placed beginning of the 70ties in front of the Indianapolis Museum of Art in Indianapolis and on numerous streets of American cities, is jus as popular. The statue possibly lead to the resurrection of many other public word statues such as the movable iamsterdam and most recently the bright yellow OY/YO statue by Deborah Kass.

Smiling e

More than 50 years have already passed since Alfred Heineken introduced the world-famous Smiling e by turning the two e’s of the Heineken logo with the aim to make it more positive. This simple yet powerful idea today still is celebrated within the global marketing world and by the fans of the delicious Amsterdam beer. In our minds we placed the Smiling e Monument, right in the middle of the city’s Weteringcircuit, where every week thousands of fans walk towards the Heineken Experience and former Heineken Brewery. A homage tot Alfred’s brilliant idea and in honour of the e itself. The circuit, the district and city deserve this pivoting monument that equipped with the latest technology just as well will be a changing image of the present, the city’s daily dynamics.

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