Afa  | Interpack 02

Afa | Interpack 02

Project: Retail                  Year: 2014    

Afa  | Brochure

Afa | Brochure

Project: Graphics                 Year: 2014    

Afa  | Package

Afa | Package

Project: POS                     Year: 2014    

BAS Group  | Building

BAS Group | Building

Project: Building                  Year: 2014    

Momento | Online

Momento | Online

Project: Online                    Year: 2014    

culture concerned creations are comprehensive designs that find creative and resounding ways to show who you really are, what you do best and what you represent.


they help you, your organization or brand to come across in a pure and authentic way and will stimulate you and others to become a true part of your culture, to make use of or to come home to.

think of:

- a store that carries out its brand’s or product’s culture in a strong and straightforward manner and by doing so underscores the core identity of its supply and positively influences sales.

- a private house, restaurant or office that by functional layout and look & feel perfectly matches its residents’ personality and lifestyle, makes them able to live or work indoors in their individual ways and to occasionally invite guests into their personal way of life as well.

- a logo and branding that expresses the personal culture of a brand or artist, showing their fans where to place them and within what context their products should be used.